Who is Rosemary?

Welcome! I’m Jo-Al.  Creator and owner of Rosemary Lane & Co., the first grazing catering company in Powell River. 

Rose and Mary were my grandmothers and their love of feeding their family with fresh, quality ingredients is what inspired me to start this company in 2021.

I have fond memories of both of my grandmother's love of great food. My grandma Mary was born in Italy. She would tell stories of caravanning with her family through Europe and eating picnic lunches from local shops. I want to provide my customers with a local product with high-quality ingredients, charcuterie boards crafted with love. Real food with an authentic story.

My family has been in Powell River for over 100 years, and sharing and supporting local is my passion. We have amazing people in our small town, and having the opportunity to highlight their talent in my business is a joy.

I make ready-to-go charcuterie boxes, platters, and grazing tables with sizes to suit every occasion. I use vibrant colors, fresh produce, artisanal meats and cheeses, and local ingredients. Bringing people together over a spread of beautiful food is the dream. I love that I can be a part of friends and families making memories.